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Stir Fry Chinese Sticky Rice Cake (上海炒年糕)

Happy Chinese New Year! The Lunar New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. Similar to Christmas it is celebrated with lots of food, drink, family…


Gua Bao (割包 / 刈包)

When we visited Taiwan, Gua Bao was one of K’s favorite Taiwanese snacks. The best way to describe it is a pork belly slider with Chinese pickles, ground peanuts and…


Lotus Root with Sticky Rice (冰糖蓮藕)

I first had this dessert in China on a trip with my grandmother to visit her home town in Hangzhou. Lotus roots are a popular ingredient in the region and…


Crispy Garlic Bread

I love garlic. I add garlic to almost every dish I cook and scoff at recipes that call for just 1 little clove of garlic. So my version of crispy…



Profiteroles are an extremely versatile pastry made from pâte à choux, which is a light pastry with high moisture content. It is delicious as either a sweet or savory snack….


Soy Braised Pork Belly (滷肉飯加滷蛋)

Lu-Rou-Fan (Soy Braised Pork with Rice) is one of the most popular dishes in Taiwan. It’s salty, slightly sweet, has a delicious sauce and goes extremely well with rice. Made…


Rosemary Thyme Lamb Chops

This picture makes me drool. It’s not the best picture since I was in a hurry to eat the chops that smelled sooo good, but it reminds me of how…